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“Retirement day” July 27, 2012

Good morning! As my Olympic talker career slowly comes to an end and my verbal business-retirement is imminent, reflection is upon me. Like every great olympic talker before me, I hope to use my gifts and talents to make the world a better place . I bring with me; my golden East Tennessee inflection, my silver tongue dialect, my bronze storytelling ability and my monetized gift of gab; to the non-verbal, non-profit and socially responsible public sector. This decision is not an easy one but as I traverse uncharted public waters I promise to be honest, socially responsible and economically
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Prayer for our City

Hello Nooga-Lawners I very rarely share my nightly prayers, for many different reasons, but tonight is different. With tragedy so close to home, I share because I care I pray for the members of the families of the fallen and all innocent men and women across the world who die at the hands of senseless bigotry and selfish acts of cowardice perpetrated in the name of God or Allah I pray somehow love and forgiveness, not hate and retribution, will fill the sadness of those stricken with the duties of carrying such soul burdens I pray this circumstance will never
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