“Retirement day” July 27, 2012

Good morning!

As my Olympic talker career slowly comes to an end and my verbal business-retirement is imminent, reflection is upon me. Like every great olympic talker before me, I hope to use my gifts and talents to make the world a better place .

I bring with me; my golden East Tennessee inflection, my silver tongue dialect, my bronze storytelling ability and my monetized gift of gab; to the non-verbal, non-profit and socially responsible public sector.

This decision is not an easy one but as I traverse uncharted public waters I promise to be honest, socially responsible and economically sustainable with my public stories.

But first, I thank all the people behind my voice; my family, my employees, my teachers, my coaches, my compadres and my clients. I especially thank my secondgrade teacher, Mrs. Palfrey, whose words on my third grade report card still resonate with me today…. “Michele talks all the time; to her classmates, to me, or to herself”.

I take great pride in these words and great pride in being from the storytelling capital of the world.

Michele E. Peterson
A Storyteller

Happy Anniversary to Me