My Congressional Acts:

The Common Sense Approach to Texting, Beer and Wine Act of 2015

—reduce the minimum drinking age for beer and wine to 18.

Establishes if you can serve a glass of wine, you may drink a glass of wine.

Establishes all cars after the year 2018 shall be equipped with two things; an ignition breathalyzer monitored by the drivers smart phone and a texting disabling feature which automatically sends responses to the person texting you while you are driving,

“sorry I am driving right now, please call me so I can use my hands free feature on my phone”.

The Servers, Tele-marketers, Sales Act of 2015

—establishes a service industry 1099 form. Where Servers, Tele-marketers and Sales people shall have their own schedule C just like any other individual contractor in America, enhancing how to run a small business. These individual businesses will have the same write-offs and more accelerated depreciation rights on vehicles, phones, wine openers, etc, as larger companies.  These individual businesses can also write-off their entire education costs and can negotiate exclusivity contracts with different restaurants and venues within their industry.

The Sweat Equity Mentor Tax Act of 2016.

—establishes individual learning mentorships where sweat equity and the time a person with tech and mechanical knowledge, communication skills and tactile knowledge about a particular industry or trade spends educating, via observation and training; allowing student loans to be extended for these individual training relationships and establishing this one on one observational relationship is just as valuable as a paper and institutional investment, I.e. universities. Regulated by small businesses who hire these type of individuals and an tax credit exchange occurs.

Boomers are encouraged to retire earlier and establish an individual mentorship and retirement plan based on apprenticeships without tax and liability consequences; with merit based tax incentives (while the child over the age of 13 lives without public assistant as an adult, the mentor receives the tax credit for at least half or more of what the child could receive in public assistance as an adult). Only one child over the age of 13 can be mentored per year. The mentor must commit to at least one year in order to establish the future tax credit.

Where individual time spent teaching and coaching a young person who’s mother or father are on public assistant becomes just as valuable as a monetary hand out.

The Digital Pornography Net Neutrality Act of 2016.

—establishes all pornographic videos and cartoons on the internet must require a .XXX ending. Marketing teasers (Free Porn) which are currently free to the public and can be viewed by anyone shall only be viewable with a computer or smart phone that has enabled .XXX. Therefore restricting and parent-trafficking pornographic access for children under the age of 18.

This act also creates a national pornography sales tax (as most pornography is shot outside the US) in order to maintain “net neutrality” throughout the world and this Net Neutrality national sales tax shall be collected by the cc users bank account and deposited into a net neutrality maintenance fund used exclusively to service and increase access to public airways and public digital thorough fares. Similar to a wheel tax back in the fifties and sixties.

This law also establishes set internet speeds (digital highway speeds) must be kept the same in order to give small businesses the same digital access as large businesses. This act also allows the expansion of rural ISP expansion and does not allow ISP’s to create a concierge speed for more expensive services.

The Department of Offense Act of 2016.  

—establish ranches, not military bases, throughout the world where we as a country set up local food producing and meat purveying sustainable economies. This encourages local farmers and establishes open source trading trade across the world, under the same flag as the United States Military of Arms.  

The “Department of Offense” shall be established in honor of the PTSD folks who have served in all wars and combat. At least half of the current Department of Defense budget shall be used to expand the ethical treatment of the hungry; encouraging locals to cultivate, innovate and grow local food to enhance clean water supply via invention and global dialogue.

The Poker by the Hand Act of. 2017

—establishes if a state readily pursues and establishes a state sponsored gambling cartel called the “Lottery” then local referendums can be held to allow poker halls to exist within local municipalities. Similar to the liquor by the drink vote. This poker by the City vote will allow inner city commerce to be set up rather than a regressive tax on the poorest of the poor.

The Marijuana Farmers Act of 2016

—Federal Law subordinates to state law, via the ninth amendment, allowing state legislatures to vote on allowing farmers to grow and cultivate marijuana plants, regardless if state legislatures allow the retail distribution of marijuana or not. Farmers would be enabled to grow Marijuana for personal consumption up to an ounce a month and/or transport and resell the Marijuana plant in it’s whole form (seedling farmers). This Act will establish up to a hundred ounces a month may be shipped (using the post office exclusively for the first ten years) to states who have recognized the legal recreational and medical use of marijuana.