How Sunsets Work

Sunsets are the past and the future mixed up all in one

When you think one is over and the other is forgotten, then by the breath and grace of each other we are both beautiful by the glow of the sun’s hues

And many the sunsets have never lasted, yet they come back different in our next day, is the renewal of our faith and time

We love sunsets because they seem like memories of us glimmering away, and yet we know in some way the sunset is saying everything and whispering every time that we will be ok as long as we have faith in the love we have for each other

And as we bid adieu one minute and we say good morning the next, without hesitation or shortness of breath, we are filled with the hope and everlasting of our love profile made up of laughter, honesty and hope, and not an inch of bitterness

As we never forget the fleeting moment we had as one and now it is time for us to say goodbye until our next sunrise of our new day’s dawn

It is those of us who remember the sweetness of both that brings our love back to each other and the pining over the end is truly the beginning of the rest of our time together or apr art that keeps things calm

Alas, I cannot explain why, but I know everything will be fine because it is the love handed down to us which sustains each and every sunset we have; past, present or future; and our love breathes life in your butterflies wings as you fly beyond your own understanding of measure and expectation, into the newness of what will become a new sun shining brighter every day, and move both of us forward into the sunsets of our future with no more resentment of the past but yet we stand at the horizon of one sunset and the day break of our new sunrises together