Explanation Point Needed Immediately! Part 3

For as long as I can remember I have been myself for better and for worse, yet everyone around me seems to think the only difference between the two is my use of the word and.

I for one do not, nor do I ever plan to, believe life, liberty, livery and me can ever just be about the word and. Unless of course you were born one of the lucky ones. And even then I’m not quite sure I believe you to be all that lucky anymore.

Inherited wealth and generated wealth are like parasites and a host, without generational love, respect and regard, neither can truly live for very long, nor really, are they suppose to here in ‘Merica; and intellect without perspective is like wonderful food served with stale conversation, it spoils everything

Intellectual thought cannot be one that is found only in universities and academia, however, at the current vamping pace of non-intellectual existence I see courting the airwaves in which most Congressmen speak these days, and a few Republican pastors shout, “The end in near, watch out for the queers!” I can see why most of us are running towards the tall grass seeking non-voting shelter; for fear one of the plastic-enlightened might portend to dismiss us as intellectual elitist’s, within by just calling someone this phrase you are both insulting their character by rewarding their intellect.

I am here to tell you now, plastic republicans and bank-owned democrats irritate the piss out of me, and if I find myself choosing between a Bush and a Clinton in 2016, I might rather vote for a squirrel named Nuts.

And on another point, I’m not sure at what point I decided there seemed something wrong with my City government’s married status quo of public policy meets singularity discourtesy, but the inherent viewpoint that government-sponsored  companionship must be defined via sexual activity, dependency and intercourse livability, which therefore must enhance employment opportunities based on this kind of love, seems on some levels to be downright stupid at times

The first time I ever expressed my opinion about my City’s partner subject was the day I read the almost insidious, yet genuinely thought-out first grade notion, as to how the City of Chattanooga might determine a partner’s benefits viability; based once again, like our small minded federal government, on the cohabitation of sex meets partnership must be dependent, by rewarding the employer-to-emoloyee recognition benefit’s meter

This so-called, “definition of partner by City dependency, same sex couples partnership amendment benefits program in Chattanooga” once again somehow legitimizes love and commitment through the existence of sex, dependency and cohabitation, without regard for good ole wholesome companionship and non-residing care, seems the very definition of an antiquated version of the twentieth century family to me.

The “Plus One Initiative”  as I called it when I wrote my letter to my City’s mayor explaining to him, if I were a single employee of the City, I might feel left out and cordoned off from the affirmation of love and company I have to give, regardless of sexual activity, selfishness or residing residential commitment or not; and how I know federal standards of employment supersede his ability to reach much further than what he thinks he is allowed, yet reminding our Mayor that law school for many can definitely keep the ping pong in the air for hours, sometimes one must step on his own ball, lest we all get cricks in our neck

Sex and love, love and sex, dependency and non dependents; I wonder at what point we as a society will begin to untangle these generational family attachés mixed with co-bhabitation, generational tithing and civil service warrants meets a citizen’s constitutional right of singularity?

Will US singledom need to hit sixty-five percent before the law takes note of these rising tides?

Married or not, individuality meets the family of your choosing, is the current recipe being talked about in most major cities these days, but like most things, it’s those without telescopes and far too many with stern-mounted binoculars that confine themselves to conventional thought and wisdom for the sake of retrieval and the reprisal of snarkiest before thoughtfulness leads all of us to failure and fatigue.