My Urban-Twatt for Today

I absolutely detest when folks use the words “redistributed wealth” as a precursor to the word taxation.

Give me a break, America was founded on the notion of redistributing wealth via open and transparent public and private marketplaces. Don’t be fooled by ignoramus descriptions based on tag lines, separation media monikers and tweeters.

Truthfully, the only way to redistribute wealth in our great country is via the transparency of someone else’s knowledge of trial and error and an open marketplace. As long as the generational knowledge you are being taught and digesting is not predicated entirely on servitude and non-progressive thought we will fine; if not, then lord hear my prayer.

If this redistribution of “wealth”, as some like to call it, simply keeps you from being hungry in every sense of the word, then from the lowest regs to the highest regs of our society we all suffer and if all the mistakes have been made by rich crotchety white males via generational debt, failures and society’s forgiveness then the growth and equity markets for the rest of us suffer. Just like I suffer every time I turn on the commercialized concentration of news.

And like yesterday, some of us find ourselves blindly marking (R) or (D) with just one eye, as though we are playing a game of duck, duck, bootlicker