My Urban Lawn-Chair Twatt Today

My Urban Lawn-Chair Twatt Today

Good morning Urban Lawn Moms and Dads.

Digital friends please talk to your sons and daughters about digital sex, inhumane sexual digital behavior and the power and control your young son or daughter might feel when watching inappropriate digital cartoon behavior.

Please explain to your young people that watching sexual behavior via digital adult pornography might artificially inflate their expectations of another human beings sexual reciprocity.

I talk about this digital topic quite often within my lawn-chair group of friends because one in seven pages on our internet are dedicated to pornography. And yet, the only discussions occurring today are shrouded in religious despotism, made up of shaming and abstinence, alongside a mostly all-male Congress acting indifferent to the needs of our children’s society.

If ever I decide to run for Congress in the Third District, ¬†one of the first aspects of social legislature I believe congressional leaders need to give attention to, is your capacity of public endowment as a parent. By monitoring and digitally controlling your child’s digital access to these pornographic adult sites via a consortium of agreed upon public and private ISP policies, we will all benefit.

By federally requiring all pornography websites fall under the .xxx moniker at the end of each pornographic adult website, allowing all major wireless carriers to offer you, the digital parent-police, the ability to easily control your child’s smart phone or notepad from accessing these adult websites we all win, adults and children alike.

As it stands now, there is virtually no way from keeping your teenage boy or girl from looking at these sites, at least not on a smart phone.

Young teen men (and I suspect young teen women) these days watch digital pornography and think nothing about watching a young woman or young man grimacing, writhing in pain and in some cases, agonizing their way through their for-profit-only sexual scene, as though this is acceptable sexual behavior they should be looking towards as they get older.

And although I believe it is not my place to create an air of abstention for adults, I do believe we have a societal responsibility to contradict our current epidemic of digital-access to everything, mixed with the lack of website-ownership transparency and origination, when it comes to the use of a .com after these pornographic websites (as though the internet digital publisher, unlike the local convenience store retail-seller, doesn’t need the black cover over their digital Playboy or Hustler).

It is important for me to be part of a movement of southern women who actually encourage honest debate concerning young folk’s digital-access to our one size fits all internet and economy, verses encouraging adults to abstain from using pornographic material as a functioning tool to one’s own private sexual adult behavior.

I sometimes go on these mostly foreign-owned pornographic websites and can’t believe what I am looking at; and although I do believe as long as these websites are made up of consenting adults (whether male or female is of no consequence to my point), until women begin talking openly about this topic and discussing how down right horrific these free access for all sexual pornographic sites are to our not yet developed children and teenage minds, then we all will continue to lose as a society, purely based on the societal digital conversation-taboo of it all.

I beg of you facemommas and facedaddies to confront this access to pornographic material, via a required .xxx domain name, so you might head off your young sons and young daughters, at least until you get a chance to educate your child on appropriate adult sexual behavior.

Because as I tell friends of mine, if you do not, “someone” else will.

In the past there was a time for spatial southern digital decorum, that time has passed for me, and now there is a time for honest digital discussion.

Have a great today, and remember, if all you find “interesting” in my lawn conversation this morning is that I am being too digitally forthright (if ever there was such a thing) by acknowledging personally visiting pornographic sites and not condemning adults who use pornography as a sexual tool to ones own sexual freedom and pleasure (again, whether you are a man or woman makes no difference to my point; let’s be honest, one is just expected to occur and the other is just not publicly acknowledged or discussed very often, if ever; especially since Oprah left the main stream media advertising airwaves) then shame on you for missing my point altogether and letting your digital-judgement of my lawn-chair transparency and digital-soul get the best of you.

With Earnest Regards

The Urban Lawn Twatter